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Get those color corrections fast Speed Grade.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Well Speed Grade is kind of a useful tool, but it’s a bit tricky. Speed Grade is a tool used for fast Color Correction. The Best use for it is that you can copy the color correction from any movie scene onto your footage. SG is very interesting tool but if you are into LUTs then it’s kind of redundant.

I use Speed Grade mostly to just play with my scenes. Sometimes I shoot the footage in slog2 or slog3, and then if you apply some color pallete the footage looks completely different. Speed Grade is a great tool for speedy results you can import a Premiere Pro project in it and do Color corrections.

There is nothing much on speed grade because I mostly use Lumetri color or Da Vinci Resolve. Color correction is a very major part of film-making. It makes the film look like a film. Well whoever you are thanks for reading this article.

Color Correction has various steps in it it’s not just one. Color correction is a process. This article is about Speed Grade not Color Correction but you know there is nothing much to talk about SG. But if someone is looking at this blog then he must be really interested in what I have to say. Well for him I just want to say thanks for reading the article. You know I have 7 years of experience in what I do but I never found a place where I can actually fit. And I am not picky, I am very adaptable but there has to be a place for me where Ican work and grow. And It’s not about the money I used to think it’s about the money but it’s really not.

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