• Harshdeep Singh

East or west Photoshop is the best

Well Photoshop helps you in a lot of ways. I call it After Effects for a still Image. I mean Photoshop is an empty canvas you can create anything with it. All you need is creativity. And Creativity comes when you open your mind to other things. Graphics, Logo, Image Editing, Compositing whatever you need you can do it in Photoshop. I generally use it for motion graphics and Image Editing. It’s not a hard tool to learn but when you learn it you will know it’s quite hard to master.

Funny isn't it?

When I learned Photoshop the First thing I did is played a prank on my friends. “Face Morphing” you got that right. You can’t capture that feeling of awesomeness when you do something evil with your skills.After that Photoshop prank of mine there was a huge prank war which lasted for 6 months. And I learned that nothing motivates you more than embarrassing your friends. If you are in creative business photoshop is the first tool you will learn. Good Photoshop Artists don’t need any other tool to create brilliant stuff. Whenever I create a team at any place I always look for a good Photoshop Designer. I think a good Graphic Designer is a key in making your brand and your brand’s Design language. Photoshop have like 50+ tools in its Arsenal what I like the most is it’s blending modes. I mean they change the look of an image with just a click. When I first used blending modes I was just so excited and I kept on using them for no reason. You take an Image put a solid color layer over it and just start with blending modes, sometimes it confuses you, you are not able to decide which one looks good. There are other tools when it comes to vectors like Illustrator and Corel Draw. Photoshop does what it does best but these tools are far more advanced than photoshop in Vectors and graphics. I don’t like Corel Draw much but Illustrator is a very good tool in vector graphics. And note one thing that Illustrator does not edit photos. So don’t confuse Illustrator with Photoshop. Photoshop have changed a lot over the years. They have optimised it a lot and have added hundreds of new features. The one thing I love is that you can Import a Photoshop file in Premier and in After Effects. And you can even edit the layers, I mean what more do you want right? Photoshop is also a very good tool to create Gifs. Everybody knows what Gifs are right. And they are very easy to create in photoshop. Whenever I start a project I start it with photoshop. It helps me outline the designs and color schemes. And Mostly I edit my RAW photos in it as well. In terms of Photo Editing Photoshop does have a lot to offer.

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