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Day 1 of Leh, Ladakh Bike trip, Do read it if you are planning.

Day 1,

We started in the morning at 4 AM. We started our journey from my house in Zirakpur me and my friend packed everything and tied it to our bike and just went into the night. Our first destination was Solan, Our third trip partner was there arranging the stuff we might need for our journey like canisters for Oil, Sponge mat to sleep etc etc. So we reached Solan at 7 AM, had breakfast and left his home.

Look at me all confused and happy.

Then we were supposed to meet our Car guys, They were 6 and they had that Tata Xenon semi truck. But before we can meet them it started raining like cats and dogs. I mean were at nowhere in the mountains and it started freaking raining. My food and supplies bag was like totally wet and dripping like a MF, but because all the supplies were packed in plastic packing I didn’t worry about it much.

My food bag, all wet and dripping

3 hour drive from Solan to Dhundan

The rain stopped at 10 AM and we were still waiting for the car guys to show up because they were our Leh Ladakh tour partners. And for us 3 it was our first time traveling Leh, but some of these guys have been there a couple of times. So the car peps arrived at 11 AM, We started our journey to Manali but we had to make one more stop at Dhundan. 2 more guys were waiting for us there. We reached Dhundan at 3 PM. Ate Delicious lunch at our friends house the left for Manali.

6 hour trip, and a hectic one

Now from Dhundan to Manali is about 210 KMs. So we drove for about 3 hours and I was already tired because of the confusing heat and cold at the same time. My back was aching like a bitch and I realized that It’s only been 3 hours, I have to drive like this for 2800 KMs more. To tell you the truth I was getting a bit cold feet but My mother didn’t raise a quitter so I just didn’t show my tiredness to anyone in the group. So at 6 PM we reached someplace called Bhuntar, Himachal. We ate some snacks like omelette, tea and Maggii. And after taking a 30 minute break we were on the road again. Weather was not kind that day, you might think it’s in the mountains so it must be cold but hell NO!, in June it was freaking hot like a Microwave. I felt the heat on the back of my hands because I wasn’t wearing any gloves and boy I regretted that decision on the whole trip. My hands were freaking red like a peach. I guess that’s sunburn for you. Here is a little piece of advice for everyone Manali is hot in June and July. Another thing about this freaking hill station is that it's crowded like a residential area in New Delhi. Do read my blog about Delhi click here. So we reached Manali at 10 PM and I was freaking tired. And the other thing was that we didn’t have any place to sleep and it was kind of tourist season so everything was booked. So after 3 hours of driving around Manali we finally found a place to sleep. We found a great Resort between the mountains with an amazing view. Actually one of the guys knew the owner so we stayed the night for free and just paid for the dinner and breakfast. We parked our car near the resort with all our stuff in the trunk covered with plastic sheet and tied with a rope for security.

The view from where we spent the night

Security my ass, You when you read the Day 2 page you will know why I said it.

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