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After Effects - The master of everything

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

After Effects is a Composting software. It simple words it creates what doesn’t exist. When I first started After Effects I was frustrated on how different it was from Premiere Pro. I mean the shortcuts were different, the interface was different and the overall working environment was different, and I hated it for first weeks class. But then I researched it a little and I kinda had my jaw dropped as how vast this software is, the possibilities, the variety and the type of content you can create.

After Effects is a very vast software and I think you can’t learn it all. Everyone has a different use for After Effects VFX, Motion Graphics, Animation you name it and you can do it. The file support is another good thing in after effects.

When I started using it professionally people usually asked on how I did it. Yeah I know it’s kinda stupid but I was a kid back then and who doesn’t love some attention. Then I learned about elements 3d Plugin and I remember I used it for like 6 months straight. I mean I created everything using that plugin.

I have a special connection with after effects, You know the friend who always have your back and whenever you are in trouble you know he will help you no matter what, well that’s what AE is to me. As a Video Specialist I believe troubleshooting is what you do most of the time. And it’s all about figuring out on how and what to create. What part I can take care of my own but for how it’s After Effects.

No software can match the tools AE have. I mean you can remove people out of a video, you can put people that are not there and million other things. When a normal mind watch a film they just see the special effects as nothing just a part of the Film. But when an editor watch any movie he understands how freaking hard that must have been for the guys who created that. Now I can go on and on about AE there is no end to it, Especially what you can make with it.

My point of writing this article is simple: I want the reader to understand that how I feel about my work. I am where I am because I love what I do. And I believe that’s what makes me good at what I do.

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