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Adobe Premiere Pro and why I love it

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Adobe Premiere Pro was the first software I ever learned professionally. It was like love at first sight. For me it was easy to learn, I don’t know why but it really was. The Interface was simple and elegant it just got to me, and that’s when I knew that I am in the right field. Things got a lot easier for me after that because when you learn something you love you don’t have to work hard you just have to go with the flow.

Premiere is a great tool and it’s compatible with everything unlike FCP. On my first job I joined a newspaper agency who were getting into Online News Channel, and I was the first guy to join in the video team, hell I was the Video Team. I created the Premiere Pro culture in that company and they still follow it till date. What I like most about Premiere Pro is the timeline. It’s just so simple and easy to work with. I know sometimes it confuses people but you learn to troubleshoot it. Premiere Pro is not a perfect software but you learn to live with it because nothing else is this good. Adobe’s Dynamic link manager is also a great tool which works with Adobe Creative suite. You can work parallely with all adobe software without pre rendering anything. Most of the time you work with Premiere Pro and After Effects simultaneously and Dynamic link manager just make that work flow real smooth like butter shave.

Premiere Pro work great with multi monitor systems. Right now I have a 3 Monitor setup at home and you just love the look of the software on 3 monitors. Premiere Pro runs on your CPU so you need to have a high end Processor. Graphics card doesn’t matter much when you are working on Premiere except rendering.

Premiere have some audio controls but not that advanced so you use Adobe Audition for that. Premiere recently launched Essential Audio and it’s a good tool for film-makers and it gets the job done 90% of the time. Essential graphics tool is also a great option in premiere pro for you to work on. It helps you create minor graphics etc But I use After Effects for that because nothing beats After Effects in composition.

Lumetri color tool is again a greatest addition in Premiere Pro Arsenal. Lumetri color panels are awesome for in software color correction. But some people don’t like it much they prefer Da Vinci Resolve for CC. And I don’t blame them for it Da Vinci do have some Unique Color Correction features. Rendering is another great thing in Premiere Pro. They have so many presets you can render in. I usually prefer 24Fps 1080p with high bitrate.

At the end of this I would like to say Premiere Pro really helped me shape my career. I started with it and I am still learning it. I love you Premiere Pro.

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